Niko Sushi, @ Westfield Parramatta

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Niko Sushi fit-out by ORO design is a sushi takeaway designed for Westfield Parramatta. The project has been awarded as the best design by Westfield.

The design aimed to indulge and offer a relaxing and friendly experience through its edgy, rigid and unique design characters. Three dimensional hexagon pieces of timber set on surfaces, give differing shades. The flat surface has been manipulated to show a contrasting geometric pattern in the installation highlighted by bold colours of yellow, black and natural wood colour.
Niko Sushi was designed to inspire. It places and defines as a strong design element of architecture where it is used.

Niko Sushi is awe-inspiring because of the labor and vision necessary to create such a piece. The design is unique, creative and custom made.The unique patterns create an illusion. By this effect from the first glance the pattern and the three-dimensional form divert and the eye is forced to question the number of dimensions to the pattern.